Best Coast Coming in Hot with Hypnotic New Single 'California Nights'

Here's the title track off Best Coast's upcoming album California Nights, which is their first full-length since 2012's The Only Place and also their major-label debut. » 2/24/15 5:30pm 2/24/15 5:30pm

Sunday Night Serenade

Sunday's over, and that means you get to sit around and dread Monday for the next few hours, then go to bed and have anxiety dreams about going to work. (Or maybe that's just something that I do.) » 8/21/11 7:00pm 8/21/11 7:00pm

Adorable Gang Members Feud Adorably In Drew Barrymore's New Video

The music video for Best Coast's new track, "Our Deal," is directed by Drew Barrymore, and features a slew of young stars acting like street toughs. A la Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story, Chloe Moretz of Kick Ass and Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf are star-crossed lovers from rival gangs; iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove is uh,… » 8/03/11 12:40pm 8/03/11 12:40pm