The Benghazi Hearing Has Jumpstarted Hillary Clinton's Campaign Donations

On Thursday, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earned a hard-won victory: She survived an 11-hour Congressional hearing in which numerous men shouted at her, and she came away looking unbothered. Unflappable, even. Now financial donors are coming out of the woodwork to support her. »10/23/15 7:15pm10/23/15 7:15pm

Why Angry Old Men Calling a Meeting to Yell at a Woman Is Always a Spectacular Failure

Twice in recent weeks, we’ve gotten to watch hotly anticipated Congressional hearings, in which mostly male Republican members got the chance to grill powerful women who had upset them. In both cases, those members of Congress ended up looking like damn fools. How’d that happen? »10/23/15 10:50am10/23/15 10:50am

Hillary Clinton Probably Used an AOL Account to Conduct Gov't Business

Hillary Rodham Clinton may be in a whole heap of trouble now that news has leaked that the former Secretary of State used a personal email account — possibly — to conduct her government business and never had an official state department address during her tenure. Cool, laid-back official or… »3/02/15 10:00pm3/02/15 10:00pm

Everyone Taunts a Muslim Woman At 'Ugly' Conservative Benghazi Panel

How's this for a Downworthy headline? Earlier this week, the conservative Heritage Foundation sponsored a panel discussion on #Benghazi and a Muslim woman wearing a headscarf asked the panelists a question. What happened next will truly fulfill every negative conservative stereotype you can imagine. »6/17/14 9:50am6/17/14 9:50am

US Not Ready For a Woman President, Says Woman Who Ran For President

Minnesota Congressman Michele Bachmann has issued her edict on the chances Hillary Clinton's theoretical campaign would have during a theoretical 2016 election: not good. Mostly because America simply isn't ready for a female President. I bet the schmucks who donated to Bachmann's 2012 Presidential campaign feel… »2/20/14 1:30pm2/20/14 1:30pm

In the aftermath of Lara Logan's egregious reporting on Benghazi, she and her producer have reported

In the aftermath of Lara Logan's egregious reporting on Benghazi, she and her producer have reportedly been asked to take a leave of absence from 60 Minutes. She will also not be hosting Tuesday night's press freedom awards dinner hosted by the Committee to Protect Journalists as originally planned. »11/26/13 2:50pm11/26/13 2:50pm

This Ridiculous Fox News Summary of Hillary Clinton's Testimony Must Be Seen to Be Believed

Earlier today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee regarding the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack. While the hearing was fraught with tense exchanges, Clinton ultimately took responsibility for the mishandling of information that could have protected the… »1/23/13 6:15pm1/23/13 6:15pm

Did Libyan Video of a Journalist's Rape Get Posted on YouTube? [Warning: Graphic Images]

Editor's note: We have since added additional pixelation to all of the images, including those of the attackers. This post is ultimately about the existence of a video, thus the images ARE the story — without them, there's nothing. To remove them would be, in effect, to un-report the story. Which is not going to… »2/08/12 5:20pm2/08/12 5:20pm