Samantha Bee Knows the Secret Behind the Pope's Resignation

Yesterday, Benedict XVI became the first pope to resign from the papacy in over 600 years, sparking rumors that it was some sort of controversy that forced him to step down from the position. It's hard to imagine just how bad it could get for the Catholic church to hold one of their own responsible (what — did he say… » 2/12/13 1:00pm 2/12/13 1:00pm

Hark! The Pope Hath Tweeted His First Tweets

Everyone is expressing their excitement over 12/12/12 in different ways, whether it be by throwing 12/12/12 parties, updating their Facebook status or getting married. (I celebrated by hitting snooze 3 times and eating oatmeal.) Even Benedict XVI, the pope himself, is excited. Why else would he use today to send out… » 12/12/12 11:05am 12/12/12 11:05am