They're Fired

Ouch: "Give some credit to '9 to 5' - the overinflated whoopee cushion lodged at the Marquis Theater - for bucking this spring's fashion trends." And that's just the first sentence. [NY Times] » 5/01/09 9:20am 5/01/09 9:20am

Cry-Baby: The Musical: Tasteless In Form And Fashion

"Brace yourself for a shock, theatergoers. There's no delicate way of putting this. 'Cry-Baby,' the latest Broadway musical based on a John Waters movie, is... tasteless. Why aren't you shocked? Oh, I see. You thought that I meant the show that opened last night at the Marquis Theater was in bad taste....When I said… » 4/25/08 11:30am 4/25/08 11:30am