Betty White Reunites With Her BBWF (Best Beluga Whale Friend)

Betty White and her beloved friend Beethoven, the beluga whale were reunited yesterday in Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium. The animal lover first met Beethoven when they went for a swim together last year, and "loved him so much" that she has devoted an entire chapter to the whale in her latest book. Can we nominate… »7/21/11 6:15pm7/21/11 6:15pm


Sarah Palin Won't Save The Whales, So The Feds Do It Instead

On her whirlwind "screw that species" tour through the Alaskan government, Sarah Palin's stance on animal rights has hit the news at least three times in recent months, with her stance on environmental protection (or lack thereof) for salmon »10/18/08 11:30am10/18/08 11:30am, , and most recently, showcasing her unwillingness to address the…