Twihards Supposedly Faking Engagements To Try On Bella's Wedding Dress

It is so easy to mock Twilight and its fans, what with the vampire who sparkles and doesn't actually bite anyone and the chick who loves the way he never gets charged for breaking and entering and lurking uninvited in her bedroom. But the franchise is still a juggernaut: Despite all of Disney's marketing and folks'… »11/29/11 10:50am11/29/11 10:50am

How Much Did The Twilight: Breaking Dawn Wedding Cost?

Now that the Twilight Wedding of the Century is out in theaters and we have fed ourselves on its succulent romantic juices, we can get down to doing what you do after any good wedding: gossiping about how much it cost! Luckily, the folks at Centives have done the hard work for us, and the grand total for the whole… »11/20/11 2:35pm11/20/11 2:35pm

Lauren Conrad's "Bella" Collection: Just As Bad As "City Of Angels"

Question about Lauren Conrad. Why does she think she is so talented that she has to put out not one but two Spring 2008 collections? Remember her first Spring '08, collection? "City of Angels"? There was nary an angelic look to be seen, but there were plenty of overpriced jersey dresses. And shocker, her second Spring… »3/06/08 3:30pm3/06/08 3:30pm