Belarus' Feminist Protesters Kidnapped, Stripped, & Beaten By KGB

Despite the Time Person of the Year-certified rise of "the protester," recently we've seen multiple instances of female demonstrators being stripped and harassed, from a "Tent Monster" at Occupy Melbourne to the women whose clothes were ripped off by soldiers in Cairo. The women of the Ukrainian group Femen are famous… » 12/21/11 9:50am 12/21/11 9:50am

Ba-Hawk Obama? Please God Just End This Campaign Already...

  • Wyoming caucus tomorrow! Obama is expected to win. Because it's the home state of his distant cousin Dick Cheney? Nah, but I thought I'd use this bizarre picture anyway. [AP, Rolling Stone]
  • I couldn't exactly run another Samantha Power pic. But here she is in the news again, talking about how that whole sixteen month…
  • » 3/07/08 6:40pm 3/07/08 6:40pm