Are Non-Athletes Incapable Of Appreciating The Olympics? No. Are You A Jerk? Yes.

"I am the most annoying person to watch the Olympics with. I'm a condescending former elite athlete who loathes the armchair fan. I love sports. I love athletes. I hate fans." So begins Jennifer Sey's defiant confession, " The Beast" »8/14/08 6:00pm8/14/08 6:00pm on . Basically, as a former athlete, Sey can't stand being around laymen who don't…

Who Are All These China Haters And Where Did They Learn All Their Death Defying-Moves?

So...China. Like, oy, right? Yesterday San Francisco rained on the protesters' plan to rain on the Olympic torch relay, but so many questions remain. Where did all these angry Crouching Tiger bridge scaling people come from? Isn't Tibet a kind of nineties cause? Are the protesters just holdovers from the anti-WTO… »4/10/08 10:00am4/10/08 10:00am