Did China Rip Off 'Let It Go' for the 2022 Olympics? (Sounds Like It)

China’s just been awarded the 2022 winter Olympics, but the country’s government can’t start celebrating yet. Despite the many reasons that activists have given for the games not to be held in China—there’s no snow and the country’s an oppressive human rights nightmare—the biggest issue might be that one of China’s… »8/04/15 1:30pm8/04/15 1:30pm

The Chinese Women's Olympic Volleyball Team Stopped Eating Meat… and Stopped Playing Well

The Chinese women's Olympic volleyball team allegedly didn't do so well in the recent FIVB World Grand Prix finals because they hadn't eaten meat for weeks. No, the women aren't PETA advocates; they're abstaining from meat because they're afraid to get any clenbuterol in their system. »7/05/12 7:00pm7/05/12 7:00pm