This Summer's Most Refreshing Beverage Is Horse Jizz Beer

Tired of living the high life but have no idea where to turn next? Up for whatever but boring light beers that your mom drinks? Well, then the only cure for your thirst is a craft beer injected with thick, gelatinous horse cum. No, let’s not argue about this. Just pay the nice bartender and gulp that shit down. Notice… »8/06/15 2:12pm8/06/15 2:12pm


There Should Be Two Lines at Bars: a Manifesto

As people waste our time debating how much to tip baristas (the correct amount: the small pile of coins they give back to you after your transaction is complete) and bartenders ($1 per drink), a second, much more significant beverage problem has once again been overlooked: the frustrating delays caused by people who… »2/09/15 9:48am2/09/15 9:48am

Let Sixpoint's Mad Scientists Show You How to Invent a Brand New Beer

Gizmodo has teamed up with Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery to create a limited-edition IPA called Hop Tech 431, brewed especially for the Home of the Future. Last week, we looked at the story behind HBC 431, the mysterious and experimental hop we’ve chosen to brew with. Today, we’re exploring exactly what goes into… »5/13/14 5:16pm5/13/14 5:16pm

Sorority Girl Buying Bottled Water Ends Up Spending Night in Jail

A University of Virginia student had just bought some bottled water, cookie dough and ice cream for a sorority fundraiser when a group of people in plainclothes approached her car. One person jumped on her hood, another pulled a gun on her, and the student, logically, began trying to drive her car as fast as she could… »6/30/13 1:31pm6/30/13 1:31pm