Bombshell: Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathered Child With Employee

Wow. Welp. We heard rumblings of consistent infidelity, and today, a bombshell: Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a member of his household staff, and that's why Maria Shriver decided to call it quits. The mother of this child worked for the Schwarzenegger family for TWENTY YEARS, until she retired. In… »5/17/11 9:00am5/17/11 9:00am

At Costume Institute Gala, The Good Superheroes Took A Fashion Flight Of Fancy

Okay let's cut to the chase: Last night. Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. Theme was "Superheroes." Everyone and their brother was there. I've broken the photos down into Good, Bad, and Ugly for your viewing pleasure. The Good — including Victoria Beckham, Christina Ricci, Diane Kruger, Iman, Mischa… »5/06/08 10:30am5/06/08 10:30am

Donatella To Costume The Spice Girls. Our Lives = Complete.

  • The Spice Girls are reuniting, and Donatella Versace may be dressing them for the reunion tour. G-d works in mysterious ways, and Jennie may have just forgiven Him for the Holocaust... []
  • Prada sells Azzedine Alaia back to Azzedine Alaia. Which would sound all heartwarming and benevolent, if only it weren't a…
  • »7/30/07 10:04am7/30/07 10:04am

Anna Wintour And Carine Roitfeld's Daughters Are Both Prettier, More Nourished Than Their Moms. Do They Hate Each Other Anyway?

As usual with Teen Vogue, we're finding the sheer gravity of the content packed into its August issue a bit intimidating. But one boldfaced name on the 84th page hit us with the force of a thousand newtons: Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. See, even we know that "Roitfeld" is the surname of the horsy Parisian version of Anna… »7/03/07 6:23pm7/03/07 6:23pm