Finally Your Cat Can Live the Dream and Sleep Inside the Computer

Cats are always hovering around and on top of computer monitors. Now their dream of being able to actually climb inside and take a nap has become a glorious reality thanks to these cool cat beds made from old computers and vintage TVs by Etsy seller AtomicAttic. They're very cute, but will it be enough to tempt your… »4/30/12 11:15pm4/30/12 11:15pm

Pastor Conducts a Bizarre 'Sexperiment' on the Roof of His Church

This past weekend, a pastor in Texas brought a bed up to the rooftop of his megachurch and sat in it with his wife for 24 hours. The pastor, Ed Young, decided to do the stunt to promote a new book he has called Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy With Your Spouse. Young swore it wasn't a gimmick and said he was… »1/17/12 9:30am1/17/12 9:30am

Survey Says: Sleeping Apart Can Save Your Relationship

When our lease was up last month, my boyfriend and I flirted with the idea of moving to an apartment with separate bedrooms because of our sleep incompatibility. Basically, I like to stay up reading until the wee hours but the light from my lamp makes him want to bludgeon me. We couldn't afford anything nice with two… »3/24/08 4:00pm3/24/08 4:00pm