Beauty Competitions of the 1930s Were All About Hot and Sexy Ankles

Decades before the world decided that beauty pageants were “scholarship competitions” that also feature a swimsuit portion (for scholarship reasons), there was a glorious time in American culture when humans felt absolutely no need to pretend that contests of beauty were anything more than putting women on display… »10/12/15 1:19pm10/12/15 1:19pm


No One Thinks #FeministsAreUgly and It Wouldn't Matter if They Did 

In further proof that Twitter’s memory is goldfish short, controversy erupted last night over the hashtag #FeministsAreUgly, which was invented by two feminists of color all the way back in August of 2014. Last night, it exploded into controversy all over again, in a truly unholy convergence of 4chan trolls, a bad… »4/27/15 11:10am4/27/15 11:10am

These Creepy Photos Will Remind You How Monstrous Beauty Standards Are

In the glossy pages of Vogue, it's easy to see extreme beauty treatments as a kind of goofy lark. These photos by Australian artist Jessica Ledwich will remind you that, say, injecting fat into your lips or immobilizing your brow with botulinum toxin is actually quite disturbing if you really stop to ponder it. »4/04/14 6:10pm4/04/14 6:10pm