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These Creepy Photos Will Remind You How Monstrous Beauty Standards Are

In the glossy pages of Vogue, it's easy to see extreme beauty treatments as a kind of goofy lark. These photos by Australian artist Jessica Ledwich will remind you that, say, injecting fat into your lips or immobilizing your brow with botulinum toxin is actually quite disturbing if you really stop to ponder it. » 4/04/14 6:10pm 4/04/14 6:10pm

"Moon" Butt-Enhancement Sends Six To Hospital • Women Avoid Calling 911

• New Jersey health officials report a recent influx in women hospitalized with infections from black-market butt-enhancement injections. ix women from the Dominican Republic were brought in with backsides resembling "moonscapes" and deep tissue infections from the hazardous mixture. • » 3/08/10 5:40pm 3/08/10 5:40pm