Beauty Queen Won't Return Crown Until Pageant Organizers Apologize

May Myat Noe, the 18-year-old beauty queen from Burma who was recently stripped of her Miss Asia Pacific World title after turning down pageant officials' offer to buy her breast implants, has given a press conference to explain that she will not return her crown (worth $100,000) until receiving an official apology… » 9/02/14 12:15pm 9/02/14 12:15pm

"Fat" Beauty Queen And Runner-Up Both Enter Miss Texas Race

Domonique Ramirez, the Miss San Antonio winner stripped of her crown for — depending on who you ask — either being impolite or eating too many tacos, will compete for the title of Miss Texas. In a compromise, so will her runner-up Ashley Dixon, who received the Miss San Antonio title by default during Taco-gate. As… » 6/14/11 10:50am 6/14/11 10:50am

Tyra: Pageant Mom Insults Young Feminist's Love Of A Good Book

Yesterday's Tyra was so good. After a first half that featured the crazies from The Bad Girls Club, she had on two sets of moms and daughters featured on the reality show Wife Swap, one of which identifies with beauty pageant culture, the other with feminism. The daughter who is into pageants? She doesn't do her own… » 2/13/08 7:00pm 2/13/08 7:00pm