Inside the World of the Black Elite: An Interview With Margo Jefferson

Upon the publication of Lawrence Otis Graham’s Our Kind of People in 1999, the New York Times asked, “Is There a Black Upper Class?” On the surface, it was a foolhardy question—of course there was, and is, a black upper class—but if you were to peel back its exterior, as Graham did in his book, underneath revealed a… »9/29/15 4:15pm9/29/15 4:15pm

Goodnight Mommy Is a Creepy, Messed-Up Tale of  Maternal Selfishness

Some Jezebel staffers were too frightened to see Goodnight Mommy, the Austrian psych-horror creeper some reviewers called the scariest trailer they’d ever seen. But Tuesday night I ventured to a Los Angeles arthouse to check it out, and though I wasn’t nearly as frightened as I anticipated, I did walk away struck by… »9/17/15 3:08pm9/17/15 3:08pm

It's Not the End of the World If Your Partner Isn't Attracted to You 

Relationships are strange, shape-shifting beasts. As time and circumstances change, we expect and count on attraction remaining a constant. So what happens when your partner tells you they aren’t attracted to you? What if they never really were, but still love you? Horrifying or acceptable—inevitable, even?
»9/16/15 1:10pm9/16/15 1:10pm

Rihanna Would Like You to Inhale Her Eleganza

Rihanna stopped at Macy’s in New York Monday to promote her brand new fragrance, RiRi, a fruity floral with top notes of “mandarin, cassis, rum and passion fruit” according to Fragrantica, aka The Bible. Her in-store look was somewhere between ‘80s Madonna and Marie-Antoinette, and clearly she’s got the hand-model… »9/01/15 12:45pm9/01/15 12:45pm

How Do You Know If Your Butt Lift Was ‘Worth It’? Just Ask RealSelf.com

A Seattle-based plastic surgery site that functions like a combination of Yelp and HotOrNot, RealSelf.com claims that it helps “millions make confident health and beauty decisions.” Users of RealSelf, which has been around since 2006, discuss and review cosmetic procedures and the doctors who perform them. From Botox… »8/17/15 4:30pm8/17/15 4:30pm

Mall Makeovers: The Trans-Siberian Railway

This July I hopped on the Trans-Siberian Railway and traveled from China to Russia via train, with a few stops along the way. I got makeovers in malls in Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, and Moscow. The following details three makeovers from three wildly different cities, and also the progression of my bang growth over three… »8/12/15 6:20pm8/12/15 6:20pm

Eloise's 24-Hour Product Diary: Lush, Bite, & a Safety Razor

I have been obsessed with beauty products since I was a wee child. From Bonnie Bell peel-off nail polish to Wet ‘N’ Wild lipstick to Fetish perfume to absolutely everything at The Body Shop - I loved all of it. From childhood through college, there wasn’t a gimmick I didn’t buy into or a supposedly life-changing… »8/04/15 4:37pm8/04/15 4:37pm