How to Be Pretty in The Philippines

Christine Del Castillo comes from a long line of fabulous Filipina women. With jasmine in her hair and ylang ylang tucked in her cleavage, her great-great grandmother Nitang (pictured above) left a trail of men in her wake. Soledad, Christine's mother, owned a clothing boutique in the Philippines and was a style… » 3/26/15 2:00pm Thursday 2:00pm

Raiding My Baby's Beauty Closet

Just over a year ago I had a baby. When you get pregnant, you hear a lot about the "glowing" that supposedly occurs. Me, I never really glowed so much as glowered — my usual mode of existence — only heightened by the hormones, continually unimpressed with the many wonders of my fertile, female body. But everyone told… » 3/23/15 12:00pm 3/23/15 12:00pm

Paige's 24-Hour Product Diary: It's a Doozy

I have a department store's worth of products scattered across every available surface in my apartment, like a very well art directed fungus. I also work in two very different industries that require entirely different daily looks. I'm not exactly sure where the correct assignment of cause and effect is in those two… » 3/19/15 12:00pm 3/19/15 12:00pm

Procter & Gamble Might Be Kissing CoverGirl and Other Brands Goodbye 

Easy, breezy, beautiful—buh-bye, girl: Procter & Gamble is said to be in the process of ditching up to 100 of its beauty brands, including iconic lines like CoverGirl, Herbal Essences and the very pricey/celebrity-endorsed SKII label, among others, in a flash sale to the public via IPO. » 3/17/15 7:00pm 3/17/15 7:00pm

Makeup Ads From Before Color TV Are Fucking Unhinged

Color television wasn't widespread until, oh, the late 1960s. But don't think that stopped makeup brands from advertising their wares on black-and-white programming. They just had to get creative. Really creative. Weirdly creative. » 3/13/15 11:00am 3/13/15 11:00am

Most Popular Lip Balm: Burt's Bees

After a record number of comments, nominations, recommendations, and votes, Burt's Bees is your choice for best lip balm by a wide margin. » 3/13/15 1:00pm 3/13/15 1:00pm

Have Prime? Treat Yourself to New Beauty Gear and Get Rewarded

Amazon is giving Prime members $10 back on a $50 purchase of select beauty and grooming products, and the selection is good. Use promo code LUXBEAUTY. [Amazon] » 3/12/15 9:30am 3/12/15 9:30am

You Know What'll Make You Beautiful? Raisins! Lots of Raisins!

One of the many reasons I enjoy reading vintage magazines: The advertisements are often transparently full of shit. For instance! This 1921 campaign for Sun-Maid Raisins, which suggests that the raisins are the most surefire beauty product of all. » 3/05/15 11:00am 3/05/15 11:00am

Internet Art Star Molly Soda Tackles the Economy of 'Looking Natural'

"No Make-Up" make-up is all the rage these days, a technique which in practice is just wearing tons of make-up that makes you look like you are not wearing make-up. That's fine—I'm all about the "natural" look—but the actual name is absurd, because you are wearing tons of make-up to look as if you're not wearing any… » 2/19/15 4:50pm 2/19/15 4:50pm

You Only Think He's Hot Because Your Friends Do

What is more troubling, the fact that your idea of hot is actually just based on what other people think, or the fact that the site Hot or Not? still exists and has furthermore been moderately useful to academic research? Either way, hotness remains eternally up for debate, and this is probably the most troubling fact… » 2/16/15 1:50pm 2/16/15 1:50pm

What's Up With Triclosan?

If you've ever used a public toilet, watched someone eat on the subway, or had a toddler wipe their nose on your pants, you understand the desire to rub anti-bacterial soap all over your body. I'm not even a clean person, but after seeing up close and personal how much poop actually winds up in a baby's hair, I've… » 2/12/15 12:00pm 2/12/15 12:00pm

How to Be Pretty in Iran

Mehrnoush Shafiei's grandmother Hamdam Farahani was the youngest of five daughters growing up in what is now part of Tehran, Iran. Born with blond hair and blue eyes, she was considered the most beautiful girl in the village – so beautiful that her mother took her to the public bath at night in order to dodge the evil… » 2/04/15 1:00pm 2/04/15 1:00pm

Woman Quits Smiling to Beat Wrinkles Because She's Vain and Cheap

How much do you hate wrinkles? Do you hate them enough to forgo smiling for 40 years? Because that is dedication—are you really about this life? » 2/02/15 12:30pm 2/02/15 12:30pm

Who's Getting a Snail Facial This Weekend? 

Apparently the latest thing in the "global beauty and wellness craze" is snail facials. And some intrepid reporter for the AP went to Thailand to find out whether or not having snails slime all over your face turned back the proverbial clock. » 1/31/15 12:45pm 1/31/15 12:45pm

Vaginal Steaming Is the Only Way to Solve Your Problems

Feeling tired, stressed or a little bit grumpy? Angry at your husband/wife/pet cockatoo? Feminine odors got you down? Well, there's a centuries-old cure for all of that, and it's getting hot air blown all the way up into your laughing place in a public setting. And it only costs 50 bucks. Isn't your health worth that? » 1/28/15 7:15pm 1/28/15 7:15pm