Former Child Actor Jodie Foster Says People Don't Understand Child…

Jodie Foster starred in her first commercial at the age of 3. At 13, she played a hooker in Taxi Driver and got an Oscar nod. Recently she told the New York Times she was "excited" and "happy" that Beast of the Southern Wild's Quvenzhané Wallis was nominated for an Oscar: "I was worried that she'd be overlooked." She… » 1/28/13 5:20pm 1/28/13 5:20pm

Quvenzhané Wallis Adorably Stymies Vogue's Attempts to Talk Fashion

"Ooooooh," says a chastened-sounding Quvenzhané Wallis in this interview. "I forgot to do my homework today!" Vogue's André Leon Talley sat down with the youngest-ever Academy Award nominee and attempted repeatedly to get her to talk about fashion. "Is pink your favorite color?" he asks. "Do you think you're going… » 1/15/13 12:30pm 1/15/13 12:30pm

Quvenzhané Wallis, Youngest Best Actress Oscar Nominee Ever, Is Excited…

Nine-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis, star of Beasts Of the Southern Wild, is the youngest ever nominee for Best Actress in a Leading Role. (The former youngest Best Actress nominee was Keisha Castle-Hughes, who was nominated for Whale Rider when she was 13; Shirley Temple won something called the Academy Juvenile Award in… » 1/11/13 11:10am 1/11/13 11:10am

All of a Sudden, Beasts of the Southern Wild Is the Most Relevant Fable…

In a crass attempt to exploit storm-weary New Yorkers (kidding!), director Benh Zeitlin came onstage for a Q&A after a special screening of Beasts of the Southern Wild in Astoria. What once seemed like a whimsical (and extremely parochial) fable about residents of a South Louisiana town trying to patch up their… » 11/04/12 3:01pm 11/04/12 3:01pm

Beasts of the Southern Wild Might Be the Best Movie of the Year

Very rarely am I utterly speechless after a movie. But I don't know what to say about the inexplicably gorgeous, completely haunting, gut-wrenching and soulful film Beasts of the Southern Wild except that I loved it. The story and the lead character — played by 6-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis— dug down into the very… » 7/02/12 5:30pm 7/02/12 5:30pm