Blessed Be; Oscar Isaac's Beard is Back

Here's a trailer for an upcoming cool-looking thriller about rich crazy guy who built a sexy robot who may be lying. It looks okay! The most important takeaway from it, however, is not the film, but the fact that the film's star Oscar Isaac's beard is back. And after the winter we've had, thank God. » 3/18/15 2:12pm 3/18/15 2:12pm

Hot New Holiday Trend: Ornaments for Your Goddamned Beard

There's a new gift for the lumbersexual who has everything except something that'll make his face look like it's covered in strange metallic growths: Beard Baubles, which are Christmas tree ornaments for your beard. » 12/11/14 3:30pm 12/11/14 3:30pm

Fifty Shades' Real Problem: Jamie Dornan Is Hotter Than Christian Grey

The Fifty Shades of Grey trailer is upon us, and while it doesn't reveal much from the Red Room of Pain, it does come wih the startling discovery that Jamie Dornan's been stripped of his hair and turned into a sanitized, shaved, waxed version of himself. » 7/24/14 4:00pm 7/24/14 4:00pm

We Have Reached Peak Beard and Science Says the Hairy End Is Nigh

Ramp up production at the Gillette factory, because sooner or later, ladies are going to run out of patience and demand that the straight fellas, at least, show their naked chins once more. And so, a new study predicts, the great beard flowering of the 2010s will begin to wilt. » 4/16/14 10:20am 4/16/14 10:20am

Beards Are Nothing. Beards Are Everything. Beards Contain Multitudes.

Blame the cold winter, but men in politics are loving beards right now. From Secretary of State John Kerry to White House speech writer Cody Keenan to Press Secretary Jay Carney, those white male democrats are loving that hair on their face. But what does this all mean for the state of the union? » 2/06/14 11:40am 2/06/14 11:40am

Job Searching? Try Slapping a Fake Beard on Your Profile Pic

Quit worrying about the wording of your LinkedIn "about me" section and forget the font on your resume. You know what potential employers really love? Beards. Even fake beards! » 1/08/14 1:20pm 1/08/14 1:20pm

Queen Takes Royal Prerogatives Too Far, Demands Harry Shave Sexy Beard

Terrible news out of the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth has gone too far. "Sources" tell the Express that her majesty has informed Prince Harry in no uncertain terms that she "intensely dislikes" whiskers and he is to shave his magnificently rakish polar-expeditionary beard "sooner rather than later." » 1/06/14 12:10pm 1/06/14 12:10pm

Self-Loathing Beardless Men Are Getting Facial Hair Transplants

Just in case you're under the impression that if you lived life as a man, your days would be free of the burdensome weight of having to be attractive, stop, drop and roll because that is certainly not the case. The latest concern for men is whether or not they are beardly enough. » 8/20/13 11:40am 8/20/13 11:40am

Stupid Hipster Beards Are Ruining the Economy

Ok, stupid hipster beards and workplace stubble are not ruining the entire economy, per se (or we have yet to prove that they are). What they are doing, though, is causing razor sales to decline across the board; in 2013, men's shaving is expected to lose its dominance in men's grooming sales for the first time… » 8/08/13 11:30am 8/08/13 11:30am

This Better Not Be the Beginning of the End for Beards

A piece in the Guardian asks "Have We Reached Peak Beard?" God, I hope not. I really hope not. I feel like beards and I have only just begun. If beards die out now Nicholas Sparks will have to write a book about how they were taken from me too soon, and then a major studio can make it into a motion picture starring… » 7/24/13 3:45pm 7/24/13 3:45pm

Study finds bearded men are more attractive, proves my mom wrong

A newly published study out of the University of New South Wales concludes that men and women perceive men with facial hair to be more attractive and better father-material than clean-shaven ones. WHO'S THE DISAPPOINTMENT NOW, MOTHER? » 5/06/13 10:35pm 5/06/13 10:35pm

Facial Scruff = Hot. It's Science.

Stubble is hot. You know this. And now science confirms it. To be clear: We're not talking about a soul patch or an elborate Riff-Raff style swirling goatee. Just plain old stubbly, scruffy, ungroomed facial hair. » 4/26/13 5:10pm 4/26/13 5:10pm

Ke$ha's Tumblr Invites You To Put Your Beard In Her Mouth

If you happen to be surfing the web and stumble upon a blog called Put Your Beard In My Mouth — a site filled with photos of beards, bearded dudes, and Ke$ha putting said beards into her mouth — you should know that it's not some kind of crazy site made by a fan obsessed with beards and the pop singer. It's no… » 12/09/11 3:50pm 12/09/11 3:50pm

Amanda Knox Spotted With Hipster Dude Who May Or May Not Be Her…

Non-Italian non-murderer Amanda Knox is slowly but surely readjusting to free life stateside after spending nearly 4 years in Italian prison. She dressed up as a mustachioed cat burglar for Halloween. She's speaking English again. And now it looks like she's got herself an American-style boyfriend, complete with a… » 11/03/11 1:40pm 11/03/11 1:40pm

Look At This Fucking Mormon

Being both religious and cool is difficult in a society that increasingly scoffs faith, and being religious and cool is especially difficult if your religion demands that you do totally uncool things, like eschew beards and tattoos or wear religious garments under all of your outfits. So, how do young Mormons cope? » 10/27/11 2:50pm 10/27/11 2:50pm

Dudes Explain Their Facial Hair Choices

Welcome back to Guysourcing, where a panel of helpful gentlemen answer your questions. This week's question was the following: "What factors influence your facial hair style? How often do you change it? How long does it take for you to get used to a new one? Do you change it based on the preferences of the… » 9/23/11 5:25pm 9/23/11 5:25pm