Delhi Bus Gang Rapist Mukesh Singh Blames Victim for Fighting Back 

In 2012, 23-year-old Jyoti Singh was returning from a night at the movies with a male friend in Delhi, India when they caught a ride on a minibus. Inside, six men beat her with iron rods and gang-raped her. She died two days later from her injuries. In a jailhouse interview, one of the men convicted in the attack now… » 3/02/15 10:10am 3/02/15 10:10am

Holy Shit, Look at This Baby Goat 

This December didn't exactly sweep in on a cloud of good tidings and evergreen scent, now did it? But don't despair, for unto you a child is born—specifically, a baby pygmy goat named Benjamin who's being raised in a nursery and is the absolute goddamn cutest thing ever. » 12/12/14 6:10pm 12/12/14 6:10pm

Black Mirror Is Now On Netflix! Let's All Watch Black Mirror!

This heart-stopping postmodern-Twilight Zone anthology series from Channel 4 is the only TV show that I have unequivocally recommended to every person I know, and they were always like, "Cool, where do I watch it," and there was never a good answer: until today. » 12/01/14 5:00pm 12/01/14 5:00pm

How to Bury a Woman Who Fucked The Devil and Might Come Back Angry

Lilias Adie died in the 1700s, when fear of witches ran rampant and the belief that those who had had their souls sucked by the devil (through their teat, I have been informed) would come back to exact vengeance after death was much more common. But her torment didn't end there. » 10/28/14 11:00pm 10/28/14 11:00pm

Benedict Cumberbatch Has a Lovely New Way to Pronounce 'Penguin'

Just a little memo for everyone: We've got a couple new, improved pronunciations of "penguin," courtesy of handsome alien otter man Benedict Cumberbatch. » 9/26/14 1:20pm 9/26/14 1:20pm

Quick Brown Fox Also Unrepentant Shoe Thief

A fox has been stealing shoes from an English suburb and depositing them, one by one, into a mystified woman's garden. It's gotten so bad she's put a table out in front of her house, so passing neighbors can retrieve their shoes. » 6/05/14 9:45am 6/05/14 9:45am

Being a #Teen in the Middle Ages Was the Worst

Ditch all your "uphill in the snow both ways" stories, because there's a new, wonderful way to remind the teens in your life just how easy they've got it: Tell them how miserable it was to be a teenager in Medieval Europe. Because mom wasn't giving you gas money and there was a good chance you'd die of the plague, too. » 3/24/14 12:50pm 3/24/14 12:50pm

The first official Sherlock convention is finally coming to America!

HOLY. CRAP. Attention Cumberbitches and fans of the BBC's most attractively-cast television series of all time! The very first (and only official) Sherlock convention is finally landing on our shores. I know, I know… just try to keep it together, alright! » 3/13/14 8:16pm 3/13/14 8:16pm

BBC Bans All-Male Panel Shows, But Will That Help Female Comedians?

If there's two things we know for certain about the British, it's A.) that they're bad at keeping America and B.) that they love love love their comedy panel shows. While the medium of television has struggled to find its footing in the U.S. since the 1970s, TV series featuring panels of celebrities competing in… » 2/10/14 7:00pm 2/10/14 7:00pm

Young People in the U.K. Are Now Markedly Less Drunk

There's a certain stereotype about the young people of the United Kingdom, and that is that they are perpetually blotto. Drunk as a skunk. Like, seven sheets to to the wind. Wild enough that the binge-drinkingest American college kid stands back and says, "Damn, buddy, you have got a problem." » 1/09/14 12:50pm 1/09/14 12:50pm

The BBC's Newest Kid Show Might Be Pretty Damn Sexist

Parents in the U.K. are currently upset with the BBC over its new live-action children's program Topsy and Tim and the tired way the show portrays gender roles. Based on a popular children's book series of the same name, Topsy and Tim tells the story of an adventurous brother and sister who are always finding their… » 11/22/13 4:30pm 11/22/13 4:30pm

Awkward BBC Interviewer Chris Stark Is a Living Christopher Guest Skit

Chris Stark, that BBC Radio 1 interogator who made the universe cringe when he awkwardly interviewed a remarkably gracious Mila Kunis, is up to his old tricks, this time interviewing Jennifer Aniston ahead of the UK release of We’re the Millers. Spoiler alert: this interview is just awkward. Jennifer Aniston… » 8/18/13 12:00pm 8/18/13 12:00pm

Not One Single Woman Directed a Doctor Who Episode Last Year

In spite of all the criticism Hollywood has faced recently for its awful female-to-male director ratio, women are still being widely discriminated against in the film industry. Maybe, being a generally optimistic person, you might be inclined to think that things are a little more equal outside of the US. What about… » 7/07/13 1:30pm 7/07/13 1:30pm

BBC Apologizes For Shitty Thing It Said About Bartoli And Her Dad

Today, gentlemen, we were reminded why we lug our reputations as troglodytes well into the 21st century. A woman named Marion Bartoli proved athletic enough to win a singles title at Wimbledon and was thereupon described to BBC Radio 5 listeners as something other than "a looker." Because, you see, it is not enough to… » 7/07/13 12:30pm 7/07/13 12:30pm

BBC's Burton and Taylor Trailer, Starring Non-Lindsay Lohan People

Specifically, Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West. Fun! Although the BBC tends to be a little bit more understated than, um, Lifetime, it still seems to have some camp to it. Which is only appropriate, considering White Diamonds-era Liz was camp personified. AND, as Vulture points out, like the Lindz version,… » 7/06/13 4:30pm 7/06/13 4:30pm

Get Excited for Mistresses, Your New Favorite Sex-n-Trash TV Show

It's like ABC knew that you haven't had enough Alyssa Milano in your life lately, or that you desperately miss Sun from Lost and really wish that she had gotten a chance to be sexy on that show, or that Rookie Blue isn't enough to keep you going through a long summer slump of television because BEHOLD: here is … » 5/07/13 2:45pm 5/07/13 2:45pm

Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Find This Cut-Out Crop Top

Welcome to Fashion Scavenger Hunt, a new column to help you track down your favorite products — clothes, makeup, shoes, whatever — that have been discontinued or otherwise lost in the passage of time and quickie fashion trends. Email to submit your own "wanted" ads. » 4/15/13 6:10pm 4/15/13 6:10pm

In an Attempt to Stop Being a Massive Sausage-Fest, BBC Launches…

In response to criticism that it relies far too heavily on male sources, the BBC has taken the famed "binder full of women" technology into the 21st century by launching a database — and an accompanying YouTube channel — of female experts on a variety of topics, with the goal of increasing the female presence on… » 3/27/13 3:30pm 3/27/13 3:30pm