Fox News Troll Returns With a Breathtaking Sequel to the 'War on Men'

Suzanne Venker, she of the insipid Fox News "War on Men" op-ed, is back with some sage advice on "surrendering to your femininity." Is this a Samantha Brick-type deal where she's obviously trolling and we shouldn't be paying her any further attention? Almost definitely. (Also, she admits that she's trying to sell her… »12/07/12 4:30pm

Awesome Eighth Grader Wants to Know: Where's My Little Brother's Gender Neutral Easy-Bake Oven?

The Easy-Bake Oven was invented by the late 60s by Ronald Howes, who was inspired by the small machines used to deliciously roast delicious chestnuts in New York City. I don't know if this purplespolosion of plastic crap was what Mr. Howes had in mind when he created the original micro hornito (what my… »12/03/12 9:15pm

Arming Yourself for the War on Men You Didn't Even Know You Were Fighting

The gig's up, ladies — Suzanne Venker, niece of doddering antifeminist icon Phyllis Schlafly (Proposed official logo of antifeminism: "WE CAN'T DO IT!" emblazoned across a picture of Schlafly holding a Math book upside down), finally had the courage to tell the world the truth about What's Really Going On: a war on… »11/26/12 11:50am

Attention, Ladies: You Better Shave or Really Charming Men Won't Fuck You

Ladies, throw out your Lady Bic shavers and get ready to Yeti because it's No Shave November! Also known as Movember, the yearly event encourages people to grow out their hair to raise awareness about prostate cancer. Did I say people? Sorry, I meant men, because you see, the no shaving part, that's not for women,… »11/05/12 10:50am

Women's Ten Biggest Complaints About Men's Ten Biggest Complaints About Women

Hey, women. Were you wondering how you could be less of a terrible bitch so that someone will finally love you? Well, don't fret—the brain trust over at eHarmony has come up with a list of the top ten shittiest things about you, compiled by one "Grant Langston, Sr Director, Content." Because if there's one thing I… »6/29/12 4:00pm