Latest Ebola Outbreak Caused By Bat Play, Horrifying Rain of Bats

While ebola hasn't been in the news as much in present weeks—prompting some to speculate that it's a government-created conspiracy meant to distract us from the real issues such as chemtrails—scientists have been busy at work behind the scenes figuring out exactly what caused the outbreak. Spoiler: It's probably bats. »12/30/14 10:50am12/30/14 10:50am


This Bat Embryo Is the Craziest Thing We've Ever Seen (and We've Seen Hulk Hogan's Crazy-Ass Sex Tape)

This should maybe be tagged "Squee???" but screw it, I'm gonna go with it. Look at that! Bats are so amazing! Our flying mammalian friends, they eat all the bugs and keep us safe from disease (except when they give us disease). I think bats are probably the coolest animals there are. For now. Tomorrow, check back,… »12/30/12 9:30pm12/30/12 9:30pm

Celebrate the Last Batman Movie by Watching This Baby Bat Be Tiny and Adorable

So...Batman. Is everybody jazzed to see what lengths Christopher Nolan went to obscure the mischievous twinkle in Tom Hardy's eyes? If Batman were actually a baby fruit bat, he could just charm all of his adversaries into feeding him very small pieces of blueberries and petting him with a Q-Tip. That would no doubt… »7/18/12 11:15pm7/18/12 11:15pm