Bigots Rejoice as Houston Fails to Pass Equal Rights Ordinance 

A proposed equal rights ordinance in Houston has failed by a wide margin. The ordinance had similar language to anti-discrimination laws in place in most other major cities. But gay rights opponents were able to defeat it by falsely claiming it would allow sexual predators to roam freely in women’s bathrooms. »11/04/15 8:43am11/04/15 8:43am


Cranky Old Politician Promises to Commit Hate Crimes Against Transsexuals

Concerned Tennessee lawmaker Richard Floyd has withdrawn a bill that would have made it illegal for transsexual women to use ladies' restrooms in his state, but that doesn't mean that he wouldn't kick a mudhole in any depraved pervert that tried to go in the "wrong" bathroom. I'm not an expert on law-type stuff and… »1/13/12 4:30pm1/13/12 4:30pm