How Jane Austen Became Such a Tourist Trap

For a woman who spent much of her life pinched for pennies, Jane Austen sure makes a handy marketing tool today. For example, on my way into a Jane Austen Festival dance workshop at the local Guildhall (another soaring, cake-like interior), I was handed a flyer for a “Georgian Lunch Menu,” offering 20 percent off for… »9/19/15 2:15pm9/19/15 2:15pm


How Much Jane Austen Is Too Much Jane Austen? 

Greetings from Bath, England, where I’m currently attending the fifteenth annual Jane Austen Festival, on the two-hundredth-year anniversary of both the publication of Emma and the Battle of Waterloo, in an attempt to probe the outer limits of my own deep fondness for Austen’s oeuvre. Yes, I am dressing up. »9/14/15 12:30pm9/14/15 12:30pm