‘Packs of Young Men’ Are Driving the Boom in Spain’s Human Trafficking Industry

Recent news of the Spanish National Police rescuing a 19-year-old woman from a Romanian prostitution ring serves as a conspicuous bright spot in much larger narrative of Spain's sex tourism industry, which is unfortunately thriving due to what the New York Times describes as "packs" of young French libertines… »4/07/12 1:30pm4/07/12 1:30pm

Terrible Doctor Insists Woman Is Pregnant When She Actually Has a Giant Tumor

If there was a show called I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant...Because I'm Not, this would be a prime contender for the season premiere: A woman in Barcelona went to the emergency room after suffering from severe abdominal pain, and doctors declared she was pregnant. The woman, whose name is being withheld, says she was… »3/18/12 9:30pm3/18/12 9:30pm

Bikini Bottoms Now Promote Genital Mutilation Awareness • Romanian Court Says Penis Worth $800K

Bathing suits in Barcelona now feature hygienic protectors in swim bottoms that feature a picture rusty razor blade that sits right under your ladyarea to raise awareness about genital mutilation. Wow, genius and kinda gross. • Josef Fritzl is apparently writing his memoirs while in prison, much to the horror of his… »7/07/08 5:30pm7/07/08 5:30pm