New Architect Barbie Designs Her Own Dream House

This fall Mattel will release Barbie Architect as part of its "Barbie I Can Be" line. The doll comes with a pink blueprint holder, hardhat, and black glasses. (How else would you know she's smart?) It's great to see Barbie's entering another brainy field, but we fear her insistance on using pink plastic as a building… »2/22/11 10:25am2/22/11 10:25am


Point/Counterpoint: What's Up With Lipstick For 1st Graders?

Encouraged by sales of its makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics (left) Mattel is partnering with Bonne Bell to launch a Barbie-branded, "girl savvy" cosmetics line "aimed at girls 6 to 9" (Emphasis ours). After the jump, two Jezebel editors hash over whether Barbie-branded makeup for primary-schoolers is evil,… »6/12/07 11:15am6/12/07 11:15am