The Great American Menu: Foods Of The States, Ranked And Mapped

What are the United States' best regional foodstuffs? Its worst? These are the questions that bedevil the mind of man—but no longer! For here, we have ranked them. Rigorously scientific (not), ardently researched (nope), and scrupulously fair (not even a little bit): this is the Great American Menu! » 10/17/13 3:39pm 10/17/13 3:39pm

How To Be A Vegetarian At A Barbecue

It's Memorial Day, which means, among other things, the start of barbecue season. Which, for the non-meat-eating among us, is sort of fraught. Herewith, a few tips on surviving a barbecue as a vegetarian. » 5/30/11 3:00pm 5/30/11 3:00pm