Here's the Fire 'Obama Saying Pop Off' Remix You Never Knew You Needed 

On Monday, at the G20 Turkey Leaders Summit, President Obama grew impatient with the sudden hawkish scent in the air—a desire for swift action that was inevitable after the terrorist attacks in Paris, but that Obama (who does not want to put troops on the ground in Syria or only welcome Christian refugees into the… »11/18/15 10:30am11/18/15 10:30am


President Uses New Facebook Page to Claim He Was Born in Hawaii, Yeah, Sure

Someone who must really hate the president and wants every last square inch of his hair to turn gray has launched a Facebook page for him. He hopes it will be “a place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues facing our country.” Barack doesn’t use the ’net much, huh. »11/10/15 2:01pm11/10/15 2:01pm

Michelle and Barack Obama Are Really Loving This Baby Dressed as the Pope 

When you get an invite to the Halloween party at the White House, you bring your A game. And that’s exactly what this adorable kid who came dressed as the Pope did. His costume was replete with a Popemobile and tiny Vatican flags. Needless to say, POTUS and FLOTUS were in love with Baby Pope. Pope Francis may be the… »10/31/15 1:30pm10/31/15 1:30pm

Obama Honors U.S. Women's Soccer Team: 'Playing Like a Girl Means You're a Badass'

The World Cup-winning U.S.women’s national soccer team was honored in a ceremony today at the White House. The ceremony was chummy, and the President was at his most compelling. “This team taught all of America’s children that ‘playing like a girl’ means you’re a badass,” he said. »10/27/15 9:30pm10/27/15 9:30pm

Barack Obama Does a Pretty Good 'Grumpy Cat'

Barack Obama, now in a perfect IDGAF phase of his presidency, compared Republican presidential contenders to internet sensation, Grumpy Cat. In a speech delivered at the Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum, Obama said that the GOP was painting a “gloomy” picture of America solely for political gain. »10/24/15 1:00pm10/24/15 1:00pm

Every Time Barack Obama Crashes a Wedding, an Angel Gets His Wings

Aside from Liza Minelli drunkenly careening through your wedding or Wilson Philips performing the two hits you’ve always loved at your reception, there are few things more exciting than having the president show up to your wedding. Not only because you get to meet the leader of the free world, but also because you’ve… »10/15/15 3:30pm10/15/15 3:30pm

Report: Kanye West Allowed to Perform, Not to Advise Obama at DNC Fundraiser

This year’s Democratic National Committee fundraiser will feature Kanye West, everybody’s new favorite presidential hopeful, as its headlining performer. And given Yeezy’s recently announced plans to run for office in 2020, this gig might seem an opportune time to talk shop with President Obama, who will also be in… »9/29/15 10:30am9/29/15 10:30am

President Obama Meets With Oldest Living Woman Veteran 

President Obama met on Friday with the oldest living woman veteran. Emma Didlake, a spritely 110-years-old, joined the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in 1943, she was 38 when she joined. Didlake served as driver during World War II, and after the war became active in the Civil Rights movement. According to the White… »7/18/15 11:15am7/18/15 11:15am

Pres. Obama: There Is No Way To Revoke Bill Cosby's Medal of Freedom

At a press conference on July 15, President Barack Obama was asked about his opinion regarding whether Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom should be revoked following his admission that he drugged and sexually assaulted dozens of women. In his response, Obama managed to get his opinion across without explicitly… »7/15/15 5:30pm7/15/15 5:30pm