Get Ready to Find Out What James Bond Smells Like

The new James Bond 007 fragrance debuts at Harrods next month, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, and release of the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall (which hits theaters in the US in November). Because nothing says "secret spy" like having your agency code number on a fragrance bottle. So,… » 7/27/12 11:42am 7/27/12 11:42am

Bar Refaeli Has a Girl Crush on Jennifer Lawrence But Pledges to Marry Justin Bieber

Model Bar Refaeli is the number one lady on Maxim's Hot 100 list and could probably have her pick of romantic partners, but it seems like she's already made her choice. The 26-year-old, who last dated Leonardo DiCaprio, says she's nursing a bit of a lady crush on Jennifer Lawrence: » 5/28/12 10:15pm 5/28/12 10:15pm

Sharon Stone Accused of Racism, Religious Persecution and First-Degree Bitchery

This sounds like pure fiction but, as we're not a court of law, let's run with it — Sharon Stone is being sued by her former nanny amid allegations of racism, religious persecution and first-degree bitchery. Which, if you image the actress to live life as Ginger, her character in Casino, like I do then it starts to… » 5/24/12 9:00am 5/24/12 9:00am

TSA Screenings to Be Slightly Less Gropey

Complaints of TSA agents getting way too up close and personal while searching passengers have sprung up from virtually every corner of society. Supermodel Bar Refaeli recently took to her Twitter account to say she'd been felt up by one agent, and Rep. Francisco Canseco publicly accused the TSA of assault after he… » 4/26/12 10:20am 4/26/12 10:20am

Bar Refaeli Tweets About "Shaky And Hungry" Models, Has Account Closed

The Sports Illustrated covergirl's agency denies that the now-suspended Twitter handle @IAmBarRefaeli was ever the real Refaeli's account, but whoever was using it Tweeted to-and-fro extensively with other models, and posted apparently authentic behind-the-scenes pictures at jobs. So, you know. » 9/02/10 3:19pm 9/02/10 3:19pm