According to Rihanna, Getting Your Boobs Out is a Great Way to Feel Better About Your Body

She's a big fan of letting her boobs out for a breather and Rihanna explains it's because it's a great way to feel better about yourself. Battling negative body image problems while growing up in the public eye, she says that she found that the more flesh she bared the more confident she became. "The more I got naked… »3/23/12 9:00am3/23/12 9:00am

Katy Perry is Sexing Baptiste Giabiconi, Karl Lagerfeld’s Hot Piece

You may have mistaken male model Baptiste Giabiconi for Karl Lagerfeld's hot piece back when the designer used to drag his "muse" around town like a rent boy, but Baptiste's penis is into ladies – specifically Katy Perry. Leaving a hotel in Paris with a group of friends, star stalkers say that Katy and the chiselled… »3/09/12 9:00am3/09/12 9:00am

Rachel Bilson And Karl Lagerfeld Would Like You To Eat More Ice Cream

Here is Karl Lagerfeld's début directorial effort for the ice cream brand Magnum, which with this commercial hereby launches itself in the U.S. market. Starring Rachel Bilson as "A 5'2" model," to use her words, and Lagerfeld boy-toy Baptiste Giabiconi (of all-singing, all-dancing music video fame) as a capricious… »4/22/11 3:18pm4/22/11 3:18pm

Gaga Seeks To Create The Most Beautiful Thing She's Ever Worn

  • In concert with her MAC Viva Glam campaign, Lady Gaga is encouraging Little Monsters to contribute profile photos to be incorporated into "the most beautiful thing she's ever worn." The cause is great, but this sounds potentially ominous. [Viva Glam]
    • Along with other businesses, Tokyo's many fashion companies started…
  • »3/18/11 11:50am3/18/11 11:50am