Ladies, Want To Have It All? Get Yourself a Stay-at-Home Husband.

Women, if you want to have IT ALL, forget balancing family and career on your own. The new hotness in the race for the elusive goal of womanhood— "IT ALL" — isn't quality, affordable child care or workplaces with flexible hours or equal pay, because in some careers, those concessions aren't enough. No, for some women,… » 12/09/13 1:30pm 12/09/13 1:30pm

Billionaire Investor Blames Boobs, Babies for Lack of Female Traders

Paul Tudor Jones is 58 years old. He is a hedge funder. He is one of the richest men in America. He is probably a Republican. He predicted the 1987 market crash (see below). On Wednesday, we also learned that he holds some sexist beliefs about women because of most of the characteristics just listed. » 5/24/13 11:44am 5/24/13 11:44am

Bank Chief Wants Women To Make Board "Pretty And Colorful"

Deutsche Bank head Josef Ackerman said he hoped his lady-free board would "be prettier and more colorful one day." A minister, Ilse Aigner, replied: "Whoever wants things more colorful and beautiful should go to a flower meadow or a museum." » 2/08/11 11:45am 2/08/11 11:45am

Davos Imposes Gender Quota

This year, corporate partners at Davos must have at least one woman in their five-person delegation to the elite gathering — adding 100 women among 2500 attendees. Last year, women were 17 percent of total guests, the best representation yet. » 1/13/11 11:06am 1/13/11 11:06am

If There Were More Female Executives, We Would Have A Different…

If women ran Apple, would they have unveiled a product called the iPad? In Business Week, Vivek Wadhwa argues more women are needed in the executive suite (and not just for name changes). » 2/05/10 10:00am 2/05/10 10:00am