There Are More Child Marriages Happening in 2015 Than You Think: A Q&A

Spain recently raised its minimum age for marriage from 14 to 16, and also upped the age for consent from 13 to 16. The BBC said last Thursday that, while only 365 marriages involving people under the age of 16 have occurred in Spain since 2000, there were 2,678 such marriages in the ‘90s and 12,867 in the ‘80s.
»8/06/15 11:30am8/06/15 11:30am

Owner of Collapsed Bangladesh Factory Faces Murder Charges

Bangladesh police today announced that they will press murder charges against Sohel Rana, the owner of the 9-story factory building that collapsed and killed 1,135 garment workers last April. Infuriatingly, the accident — which was the worst in the nation's history — was highly-preventable: although workers warned… »4/15/14 3:30pm4/15/14 3:30pm

What Life Is Like When Getting Your Period Means You Are Shunned

For Radha dinner is served at 7. She crouches down behind a shed, a good distance from her house, then waits. She knows what the menu will be: boiled rice, the same as yesterday and the day before. She knows that it will be her little sister who serves it, throwing the rice onto her plate from a height, the way you… »3/16/14 2:00pm3/16/14 2:00pm

Meet the Women Who Make the T-Shirt You're Wearing Right Now

In the spring, NPR and This American Life's Planet Money started a Kickstarter to raise money for their t-shirt project, a reporting enterprise that would have them help design a t-shirt "and then follow that t-shirt around the world as it gets made." Though the piece has a few chapters, the most striking portion is… »12/05/13 10:30am12/05/13 10:30am

Bangladesh Factory Workers Protesting for $100/Month Met With Violence

In April, over 1,000 people tragically and needlessly lost their lives in Bangladesh after a garment factory built illegally on an unsafe site collapsed. Since then, measures have been taken to improve safety measures and increase the garment sector's minimum wage — but the change offered by the Ministry of Labor is… »11/11/13 9:30pm11/11/13 9:30pm

Reporter Describes Finding Underage Garment Workers in Bangladesh

The recent series of disasters in Bangladeshi garment factories over the past several years perhaps got its most alarming and high-profile installment last November when a factory fire at Tazreen Fashions Ltd. — a supplier for Wal-Mart — killed 124 workers and left many observers dazed at the casual supply-chain evils… »10/19/13 12:30pm10/19/13 12:30pm

Your Favorite Stores Aren't Signing the Bangladesh Safety Act

Labor groups urged massive clothing retailers including Gap and Wal-Mart to sign an international pact this week that would solidify safety standards and send a clear message that big brand names won't allow another easily preventable tragedy like last month's factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed over 1,000… »5/17/13 11:45am5/17/13 11:45am

Woman Rescued From Bangladesh Rubble After Two Weeks

The faintest of silver linings emerges from Bangladesh: a garment worker trapped for 17 days beneath the collapsed Rana Plaza building was discovered alive today. This is good news for the traumatized woman, Reshma, who was able to find enough food, water and oxygen space to survive, but doesn't make up for the fact… »5/10/13 10:30am5/10/13 10:30am

Transgender Romance from Bangladesh Is Poised to My Big Fat Greek Wedding the Bollywood Box Office

A movie called Common Gender about a love affair between a transgender person and a Hindu boy has become an indie hit in Bangladesh after a small release in only six theaters. Encouraged by this early success, the film's distributor Emanul Karim plans to extend its release nationwide and push cinema owners to extend… »7/08/12 2:30pm7/08/12 2:30pm

Tommy Hilfiger Pledges $1 Million After Factory Fire Kills 29

Nearly 500 Bangladeshi garment workers have been burned to death in preventable fires in the last five years. Among the worst industrial disasters there in recent years: 84 garment workers — mostly young girls — died in a blaze inside a locked factory in February of 2006. Twenty-one people died at a factory that… »3/21/12 6:15pm3/21/12 6:15pm