Lamb Learns an Important Lesson About Jumping on the Bed

When it comes to jumping on the bed, this little sheep named Bambi really gives monkeys a run for their money—until she learns the hard why way you're not supposed to jump on the bed. » 6/19/12 9:45pm 6/19/12 9:45pm

Fashion Advice Doubles As Deprogramming

Hadley Freeman, the Guardian's fashion writer, is usually on point, and never more so than when she addresses the concerns of a reader who hopes to achieve a "vulnerable Bambi-esque aesthetic" via "coltish" ankle boots: » 7/26/10 6:01pm 7/26/10 6:01pm

If you cried when Bambi's mom died, you're not alone. The 1942 film Bambi » 10/13/08 11:20am 10/13/08 11:20am was named the best tear-jerker of all time in an online poll of more than 3,000 people with 18 percent of the vote, even though the moment when Bambi's mom is killed by hunters actually happens off screen. Paul McCartney credits the movie with…

Disney's world may be rife with princesses, brides, bridesmaids and flower girls, but what happens after the wedding? You know, when said princesses get peas in their pods? Well L.A. Times writer Rosa Brooks points out that mothers don't fare very well in the wonderful world of Walt: "Pause for a moment to consider… » 4/02/08 4:20pm 4/02/08 4:20pm