Victoria's Secret Advertised 'Cheeky' Panties By Airbrushing Off a Model's Butt Cheek

In a recent Facebook post, Victoria’s Secret shared a photo of a model wearing their mesh-back cheeky panties. There’s nothing particularly interesting about the photo, apart from, well, the fact that the woman is missing her left butt cheek. Some people have called this a “Photoshop fail,” but I call it “Lady Gaga… »Wednesday 5:30pm

Classy Rental Car Company Invites Caitlyn Jenner to 'Try This Crossover'

This is a really incredible unforced error: Sixt, a rental car company you’ve never heard of, made an ad encouraging Caitlyn Jenner to “try this crossover,” which is a type of car and also a tasteless joke about her transition. The ad remains up on their Twitter and Facebook, despite hundreds of people tweeting at… »8/05/15 3:20pm

That 'Charlie Charlie' Demon Challenge Was a Viral Marketing Stunt

Last week, teens all over freaked out about the “Charlie Charlie” challenge that had something to do with pencils and summoning a demon to answer your questions. A Mexican demon. Named Charlie. Very #real and #believable. Turns out that all those idiot high-schoolers were totally played by a very real commercial for a… »6/01/15 1:40pm

5 Insane Things From Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, Spring 2015

If the wedding planning galaxy is a weirdo cosmic circus into which no woman is adequately prepared to be flung until it’s far too late, Martha Stewart Weddings magazine is that galaxy’s big fat Jupiter: Dazzling and marbled with soft, undulating peachy-pink colors on the outside; turbulent, full of hot air, and… »5/21/15 11:00am

Domino's Unleashes the Most Terrifying Print Ad in History

What's a pizza company to do if they want to get in on that sweet 50 Shades of Grey cash cow action, but have absolutely no promo connection to the infamous amalgam of Freaky Friend Fiction word snippets masquerading as dialogue? How about an ad referencing BDSM? OK, great, but even better: how about an ad that… »1/27/15 7:48pm

Ugh to This LOFT Ad About Frantically Binge-Exercising in Saran Wrap 

Yeah, yeah, we all had a lot of cookies this past month and now maybe your clothes don't fit right. Or maybe they do. Or maybe you don't give a fuck? Whatever the case, January is always a big month for "Feel bad about yourself you ugly cow"-style advertising. Clothing retailer LOFT just added another one on the pile,… »1/09/15 4:50pm