The Female Athletes Who Are Damned If They Do, Damned If They Don't

In the past month, religious women have been prevented from participating in soccer, basketball, and weightlifting — all because their faith dictates they cover their heads, necks, arms, legs, or some combination thereof. If three makes a trend, then it looks like we're on the way to seeing an unofficial consensus… » 6/10/11 2:05pm 6/10/11 2:05pm

Female Badminton Players Ordered To Wear Skirts Like Pretty Ladies…

The Badminton World Federation has been searching for a way to drum up interest in female players before the 2012 Olympics. Its solution: Force women to play in skirts to create a more "attractive presentation." Amazingly, officials insist this isn't sexist. » 5/27/11 10:35am 5/27/11 10:35am