American Horror Story Baddest Witch: An Eye for a Seeing Eye

Welp, so much for the slow redemption of Madame Delphine LaLaurie. The racist serial killer (head firmly reattached to her body) is back to her old murderous tricks and just when we were starting to like her, too. Did all those hours that Queenie forced her to watch Roots mean nothing?! Well, if the fate of the poor,… »1/16/14 6:15pm1/16/14 6:15pm

American Horror Story Baddest Witch: How to Bone Your Frankenboyfriend

So you meet a cute dude at a party and he's killed in a bus crash that very same night. You and your friend reassemble and resurrect him, but he comes back a little wrong and you're not quite sure what to do. We've all been there, right? It's almost like American Horror Story is our story (sorry, Girls). »11/21/13 5:50pm11/21/13 5:50pm

American Horror Story Baddest Witch: 'The Axeman Cometh'

Finally! American Horror Story: Coven has its very own serial killer! Season one had the nurse murderer and [spoiler], season 2 had Bloody Face and Swearengen Claus and season 3 has (drumrolllllllll) THE AXEMAN — and yes, if you are singing "I'm an axe man" to the tune of "I'm a Scatman," you are doing everything… »11/14/13 8:30pm11/14/13 8:30pm

Who's American Horror Story's Baddest Witch? (Now With Chainsaws!)

Is it just me or was last night's Coven so much fun? Sure, there was a witch burning, a blinding by acid, a zombie attack and a suuuuper creepy hospital scene and SURE, not all of that made sense, but the non-stop action (along with the show's increasingly awesome quips and outfits) only served to make it extra… »11/07/13 6:29pm11/07/13 6:29pm

American Horror Story Halloween Edition: Who's The Baddest Witch?

Have you been noticing how strangely controlled the creators behind American Horror Story have been this season? With Asylum, the terror took the form of everything from aliens to the devil to nazi doctors to serial killers — and that was all just in the first episode. So far in Coven, there's been witches, a… »10/31/13 7:00pm10/31/13 7:00pm