Research Proves What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

New research suggests that dealing with bad shit might actually make you happier over time — as long as there's not too much bad shit at once. » 1/04/11 4:53pm 1/04/11 4:53pm

Tell Us Your Black Friday Horror Stories (Or, This One Time I Threw Up…

It's 11:30. Normal folks are stirring from their post-Thanksgiving comas and maybe thinking about taking something for that hangover. A strange breed of early-early-ante-meridiem bargain-hunters, however, is surfing a warm accretionary haze, Sam's Club breakfasts and $99.99 tennis bracelets acquired. » 11/26/10 11:30am 11/26/10 11:30am

Two More Massage Therapists Accuse Sex Poodle Of Sexual Assault

Two massage therapists have told The Enquirer that Al Gore made unwanted sexual advances when he was their client, following a Portland therapist's similar allegations. One says he "pointed at his erect penis and ordered her, 'Take care of THIS.'" » 7/21/10 4:35pm 7/21/10 4:35pm