Sub Fired for Acting Out Dates With 4th Graders, Asking for Love Advice

It's true that children can be very wise. Sometimes they'll just give you nuggets of wisdom when you least expect it. For instance, the other day a small girl told me that no one would ever marry me because I'm too loud. She might be right, but I didn't press. A substitute teacher in New York, however, made the… »5/24/14 3:45pm5/24/14 3:45pm


Critics Divided On Whether Bad Teacher Sucks (For Women)

Based on the trailer alone, friend-of-Jezebel Manohla Dargis issued a verbal eye-roll in the direction of Bad Teacher. "Evidently nothing says new motion picture entertainment better than a female movie star in Daisy Dukes bending over and sudsing a car as if she were in a 2005 Jessica Simpson music video," she said… »6/24/11 3:00pm6/24/11 3:00pm