Police Keep Interfering in Fun, Totally Safe-Sounding Home Butt-Pumping Craze

Our mothers had Mary Kay, their mothers had Tupperware, and now there's a new lady party in town: the butt pumping party. Unlike makeup and plastic storagewear, though, throwing festive gatherings wherein ladies have silicon injected into their asses is illegal. Which is bad news to several partying butt pumpers in… »3/01/12 6:45pm3/01/12 6:45pm


After Five Fatalities, FDA Warns Clinics Promising Quick & Easy Lap-Band Surgery

The FDA is finally taking action against the clinics behind the 1-800-GET-THIN ads running in Southern California, where five people died due to complications from Lap-Band surgery. The facilities fall into a "regulatory no man's land," but about a year ago the L.A. County Department of Public Health asked the FDA to… »12/13/11 9:48pm12/13/11 9:48pm

Fake Hormone For Pregnant Women Causes Real Cancer In Their Daughters

Today in depressing: a widely-used anti-miscarriage drug that didn't actually work has been found to cause breast cancer, infertility, and a whole mess of other problems in the daughters of women who used it while pregnant. The drug's crappy effects are so far reaching that researchers also suspect that it may cause… »10/06/11 11:20am10/06/11 11:20am

Fifth Person Dies After Lap-Band Surgery At Shady Clinics

In December it was reported that several people died after responding to ads posted around Southern California for 1-800-GET-THIN, which connects potential patients to several medical centers. The clinics fall into a "regulatory no man's land," and at the time several government agencies said they didn't have the… »9/25/11 11:02pm9/25/11 11:02pm

Researchers Find That Race And Ethnicity, Not Insurance, Cause Delays In Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Here's some depressing information: according to findings presented at the Third American Association for Cancer Research Conference on The Science of Cancer Health Disparities, researchers found that regardless of insurance status, race was a factor in breast cancer-related diagnostic delays. »10/03/10 4:30pm10/03/10 4:30pm