​Bad Lip Reading Gives Us the Only Way to Watch American Idol

Bad Lip Reading is back and this time they've set their phasers to Reality Television with "SING-SONG CONTEST OF AMERICA." And believe it or not, it actually makes American Idol palatable, enjoyable even. If anyone clears their throat in my general vicinity ever again, you bet your ass I'm gonna rock to it and maybe… »5/26/14 3:35pm5/26/14 3:35pm

New Twilight Bad Lip Reading Still A Better Love Story than Twilight

Welp, they've done it again. The geniuses behind all those Bad Lip Reading videos are back with yet another take on Twilight. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving, and this time it features a catchy new musical number! I have seen absolutely zero Twilight Saga movies to date, but this appears to be the only … »4/27/14 1:30pm4/27/14 1:30pm

Jennifer Lawrence Has Taylor Swift in a Big Coffin, and More Terrible Lip Reading

These bad lip readings are incredibly enjoyable, right? I don't know why, but I can't get enough. The Hunger Games one is just getting me more excited about Catching Fire. There's a 90 percent chance that Jennifer Lawrence is watching it at home right now — just eating cheetos and laughing at herself on YouTube; god… »2/26/13 11:30pm2/26/13 11:30pm