Clint Eastwood's Bad Caitlyn Jenner 'Joke' Cut From Guys Choice Awards

Clint Eastwood, a famous old coot with a history of grunting at empty chairs, made a Caitlyn Jenner “joke” during the filming of the Guys Choice Awards over the weekend. The 85-year-old director of last year’s highest-grossing movie was a presenter at the ceremony, reports EW, but his appearance will be edited when… »6/08/15 3:15pm6/08/15 3:15pm


Pro Tip: Don't Name Your Designer Clothing After A Concentration Camp

There seems no other explanation for this "Belsen was a gas" name for an Evil Twin jacket, other than it being a pun on Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp where approximately 50,000 people were murdered. (And, not that it makes much of a difference, didn't even contain gas chambers.) But hey, it's on sale! Update:… »7/26/11 7:15pm7/26/11 7:15pm