Unicorns, Easy-Bake Ovens, And Vibrators, Or: I Believe In The Radical Possibilities Of Pleasure

I've been mulling over a few things after a shit storm went down at my job last week. And when I say "my job," I mean this site, obvs. All of us on staff here work really fucking hard, and I take the stress and problems I encounter to bed with me every night-literally, because I fall asleep in front of my laptop and… »6/18/08 5:40pm6/18/08 5:40pm

"Good" feminists are all up in arms over this ad for Target, which shows a model splayed o

"Good" feminists are all up in arms over this ad for Target, which shows a model splayed out over the company's bullseye logo. Specifically, they are offended that "the model's vag was in the center of the target." Oh, c'mon people. Maybe we're bad feminists, but it's Target. The model doesn't look she is about to be… »1/16/08 5:20pm1/16/08 5:20pm

WaPo Book Reviewer Criticizes Bella Abzug For Her "Terrible Lippy Mouth"

I was all set to write a post about feminist icon and former congresswoman Bella Abzug because a new biography of her just hit stores, but then I read Carolyn See's infuriating and weirdly name-droppy review of the book and realized I had to write about what a jerk See is instead. The first few paragraphs of See's… »12/07/07 6:00pm12/07/07 6:00pm

British Novelist Says Spice Girls Made Generation Y Drunk, Slutty

As we've mentioned before, the Daily Mail's Femail section is always good for some shits n' giggles: British women hate sex, love shopping! they also have enormous tits! But today the British tabloid has got a real gem: Novelist Fay Weldon goes absolutely apeshit about the tyranny of the Spice Girls, whom Weldon holds… »12/05/07 4:20pm12/05/07 4:20pm

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans Is A Total Blowhard

We really wanted to like Karrine Steffans back when her first book Confessions of a Video Vixen first came out. We're keen on the idea of women who love 'em and leave 'em with impunity and then tell us all about it. We didn't care that the book was poorly written (even with the help of ghost writer to the B-list… »8/20/07 12:00pm8/20/07 12:00pm