Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Clear Their Beef With VMAs 'Bad Blood' Duet

Nicki Minaj opened the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards show with her carnival anthem “Trini Dem Girls” in a mean red feathered costume ready for the road. Taylor Swift joined Minaj during her second number “The Night Is Still Young” and a blip of “Bad Blood,” putting an end to their Twitter disagreement by cuddling on… »8/30/15 9:15pmSunday 9:15pm

Please Welcome to the Stage Sam Elliott, Doing Your Friend Becky's 'Bad Blood'

Sam Elliott’s voice is very distinct in a way that you don’t know whether he’s going to read you a bedtime story or explain exactly why he’s about to execute you at point-blank range. That’s why the veteran actor and star of the upcoming Grandma is the perfect person to do a spoken word rendition of Taylor Swift’s… »8/26/15 6:10pm8/26/15 6:10pm

Did Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Copy K-Pop Superstars 2NE1?

Last night, as Taylor Swift pulled a classic derail on Nicki Minaj’s very important VMA tweets, Twitter user @chaelinfenty brought up an interesting point: “can we talk about how taylor’s video isn’t original and was copied from a group of four WOC, 2NE1,” she wrote, not a question but a declaration.
»7/22/15 12:14pm7/22/15 12:14pm

Watch Alessia Cara Do 'Bad Blood' Better Than Taylor Swift Herself

Alessia Cara is going to be a star. You can hear the 18-year-old Def Jam signee flex quietly in her first single “Here,” a track that drags and flutters like Amy Winehouse in a haze of suburban innocence; Alessia’s got a preternatural sense of a beat’s interstices and pockets, and a voice that’s all rough, silvery,… »7/09/15 10:50am7/09/15 10:50am

Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Video Is Not A Feminist Manifesto

Taylor Swift, the ambassador of zero chill, spent nine days advertising the debut of her music video for “Bad Blood,” which finally aired during Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards. The song is the worst track from her chart-topping album, 1989; the new version is redeemed only by an appearance from young Taylor’s… »5/19/15 2:55pm5/19/15 2:55pm

New Tampon Reduces Risk Of Toxic Shock, Bacteria

Scientists have developed a new tampon that reduces the risk of toxic shock syndrome. What the hell took them so long? The new 'pons contain a fiber finish — called glycerol monolaurate — which decreases the production of the toxin that causes TSS. Supposedly this new miracle tampon also makes for a healthier vagina… »9/19/07 9:30am9/19/07 9:30am