Relive Conrad Hilton's Airplane 'Rageathon' With a Terrified Passenger

Last month, the FBI filed a formal complaint against Conrad Hilton, brother of Paris (and Nikki, although who cares about her?) and nephew of Kim and Kyle Richards, after Hilton went on a ten-hour rage spree on a long flight he took in 2014, complete with balled fists and a cry of "I will fucking own anyone on this… »3/03/15 4:40pm3/03/15 4:40pm

No, Dascha Polanco Didn't Abandon Her Cats in a Taped-Up Box

Recently, The Hollywood Gossip reported that actress Dascha Polanco (Orange Is The New Black's Daya) abandoned two adult cats she'd adopted to make room for some adorable kittens. What an awful person, you may be thinking. But a little sleuthing has revealed that this juicy tidbit of gossip probably isn't true. So… »2/11/15 1:40pm2/11/15 1:40pm

Woman Terrorizes Plane With Fake Leg, Slaps Passengers, Demands Smokes

A woman on a flight to Edinburgh went ballistic when she was told she couldn't have her own parachute or smoke cigarettes on her flight. That's when the prosthetic leg came off and the terror started. If this were a Lifetime movie, it would be called Legs On a Plane and would star Aviva Drescher. Unfortunately, this… »7/31/14 6:20pm7/31/14 6:20pm