Washington Post: Hillary Clinton Needs to Start Thinking About Men's Feelings

We have seen our fair share of bad takes this election cycle—we’ve seen the personal essay (ie. “Why the Feminist Vote Is a Vote for Jeb”), the unexpected turn (ie. “You Might Think Hillary Is a Woman—Here’s Why She Isn’t”), the outrage-bait garbage (ie. “A Liberal Case for Donald Trump”) (that one’s real).


Williamsburg Apts Come With Built-In Slack Channel, as the 'Sharing Economy' Remains Lonely as Fuck

One of the most depressing things about the so-called sharing economy—the recession-induced workforce transition in which everyone hustles twice as hard to piece their shit together except for a relatively small group of selectively lazy and self-deluded individuals who rejoice in replacing all physical interactions…

Drake Is Not Only Ripping Off D.R.A.M. on 'Hotline Bling' But Gaslighting Him About It 

With Drake’s goofy new video for “Hotline Bling” currently being blanketed with praise—Drake dances like... me, LOL, cry the masses, incorrectly—it is slipping by the wayside in our cultural parlance that the track is a blatant lift of the indie Virginia rapper D.R.A.M.’s breakout single from 2014, “Cha Cha.” Aiding…