Time to Give Up Showers and Spray Yourself With a Coating of Live Bacteria

Chemical engineer Dave Whitlock hasn’t taken a shower in 12 years and hopes that you’ll be willing to give up bathing, too. No, this isn’t a weird sex thing (not yet, anyway, DAVE). It’s a bacteria thing. Whitlock claims that spraying yourself twice daily with a bacterial formula—developed by his company, AOBiome—will… »9/08/15 1:55pm9/08/15 1:55pm


Maybe Beards Aren't Full of Poop Bacteria After All

Last week, the internet erupted with the news that beards, those beautiful things that hide men’s weak chins and childhood acne scars, are chock-full of something more than manliness—and that something is poop. For anyone either excited or horrified by this news (my immediate reaction was to go drag my bearded face… »5/04/15 1:00pm5/04/15 1:00pm

Study Says Men's Beards Are Gross and Filled With Poop

Ah, beards. You either love them or hate them. For those of us that are pro-beard, it’s easy to find kindred spirits through all the facial hair-dedicated Tumblrs, Instagrams and OKCupid profiles proclaiming an undying love for faces full of fuzz. Now the beard-haters will have something to throw back at us. A recent… »5/02/15 5:40pm5/02/15 5:40pm

Baby Poop Could Be the Key to Understanding Conditions Like Asthma, Obesity, and Diabetes

Babies born via Cesarean section have a different set of microbes in their digestive tracts than those born vaginally, according to a study that investigated and compared the stool samples of infants. Previous studies have linked C-sections with a higher risk of asthma, obesity, and diabetes, but the reasons weren't… »2/15/13 12:00pm2/15/13 12:00pm

Sorry, Floor Eaters: The 5-Second Rule Is Definitely a Myth

The 5-second rule is a myth that has been busted before (by the Myth Busters, no less) and yet it persists, which is why YouTube's science channel Vsauce has set out and disproved it once and for all. Turns out, the moment your food touches the ground it is covered with bacteria and after a whole 5 seconds, it can… »12/10/12 7:15pm12/10/12 7:15pm

Rosacea Possibly Caused by Tiny Mites Without Anuses Living on Your Face

Bugs are literally everywhere. They're on your sheets (probably), they're waiting in the dark corners of your shoes, they're hiding in pantry doors ready to jump out at you as if they've been spring-loaded and now, if you have rosacea, they might even be crawling in your pores, dying and leaving their bacteria-bloated… »8/30/12 11:10am8/30/12 11:10am

Don't Freak Out, But Science Made a Map of All the Tiny Bugs Covering Your Body

We've long known that the human body is home to all kinds of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes, and now scientists have completed the first ever map of all of these semi-disgusting critters. It was not an easy job, but now the census of the human microbiome is complete and the verdict is that we're disgusting—but… »6/14/12 9:30am6/14/12 9:30am