Male Babysitters Are the Answer to All the World's Problems

When I was a kid, I hated babysitting. First of all, you have to hang out in someone else's house, touching someone else's filth, in fear of clogging someone else's toilet, for HOURS. For an awkward shy kid like me, that is fucking terrifying. It's just endless low-grade "what if I'm pooping in the special-occasion… »5/13/13 4:10pm5/13/13 4:10pm

Of Course Michele Bachmann Used to Babysit Fox News' Gretchen Carlson

Friend of Fox Michele Bachmann appeared on Fox & Friends with two angry dudes and one shouting woman this morning to gnaw on her r sounds and promote her new book. During the interview, it was revealed that Bachmann worked as a babysitter when she was a teenager, and that one of her charges was none other than… »11/22/11 2:40pm11/22/11 2:40pm

Ill Conceived Program Matches Sex Offenders, Children

Residents of the Land of Lincoln are undoubtedly aware of the unrelenting clusterfuck that is state and local governments. Usually the tangled web of patronage and ball-dropping results in rueful head shaking, or a shrug along with the line, "Well! That's Illinois!" But now, it seems that the headless vowel elongating… »8/27/11 3:00pm8/27/11 3:00pm