Over A Quarter Of Women Have Children With More Than One Man

A new study of nearly 4,000 women has found that 28 percent of women with two or more children had them by different men. A longitudinal study, it took place over the course of 27 years, with 20 interviews. » 4/01/11 6:50pm 4/01/11 6:50pm

A Brief History Of The Bump Watch

Not just the territory of celebrity weeklies, the bump watch is as old as time. Gossips were counting the months and checking waistlines in Pepys' letters, and those Empire-waisted dresses must have been a blessing in a time when any hint of a bump was considered unsightly. But when did it become not just okay but de… » 2/11/11 2:18pm 2/11/11 2:18pm

Perez Hilton Thinks His "Biological Clock" Is Ticking

In a new interview, Perez Hilton reveals that despite his success, he yearns to hear the pitter-patter of little feet...running to tell Daddy they've found a shot of Miley Cyrus just begging to have a penis drawn on it? » 1/05/11 5:52pm 1/05/11 5:52pm

Hollywood's Latest Baby Cult?

This child-rearing system, beloved of stars like Tobey Maguire, the Huffman-Macys, and Helen Hunt, is all about "showing respect for a baby's experience." It sounds dubious. » 11/01/10 5:48pm 11/01/10 5:48pm

New Test Will Increase IVF Success, Reduce Multiple Births

A new procedure analyzes embryos for chromosome abnormalities, allowing doctors to implant the healthiest specimens during in vitro fertilization. The test raises the IVF success rate from 20-30% to 90% and is expected to be available in three years. » 10/28/10 9:23am 10/28/10 9:23am

Baby Born From 20-Year-Old Frozen Embryo

A healthy boy has been born from an embryo frozen in 1990. Another couple had donated their leftover embryos after the woman gave birth, so the boy has a 20-year-old sibling out there who was conceived at the same time. » 10/12/10 9:22am 10/12/10 9:22am

Young Folk Really Don't Know Where Babies Come From

Okay, we're not saying anyone believes in the stork...that we know of. But it's bad. Although it should be said that the survey in question was affiliated with the uptight-prude-meets-lout-meets-baby rom-com Life As We Know It. » 10/07/10 11:35am 10/07/10 11:35am

Man's Shocking Confession: "I'm Coming Out Of The Closet...I Want A…

Anyone who watched this season of the Rachel Zoe Project knows the central tension was the stylist's husband's desire for a child. Rodger's demanding biological clock soon became somewhat ludicrous. But as writer Dave Mills asks...is that the problem? » 9/27/10 11:52am 9/27/10 11:52am

Is "Reproductive Tourism" Exploiting India's Poor?

Writes Amana Fontanella-Khan in XX, "Reproductive tourism in India is now a half-a-billion-dollar-a-year industry, with surrogacy services offered in 350 clinics across the country since it was legalized in 2002." It's a far cry from Baby Mama. » 8/23/10 1:41pm 8/23/10 1:41pm

Neil Patrick Harris Rumored To Be Preparing For Parenthood

A source claims that with the help of a surrogate mother, Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, are set to become the proud parents of twins. Congrats! [E!] » 8/14/10 12:50pm 8/14/10 12:50pm

108-Year-Old Woman, 38-Year-Old Husband Consider Adoption

In news seemingly designed specifically for the internet to freak out over: a 108-year-old woman named Wook Kundor has expressed her desire to have a child, and her 38-year-old husband has stated that the couple is considering adoption. » 7/18/10 3:30pm 7/18/10 3:30pm

A Change Of Plans: The Post-IVF Abortion

According to the Daily Mail "dozens" of women have had abortions after getting pregnant via in-vitro fertilization, something former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe claims is akin to treating babies like "designer goods." » 6/06/10 1:15pm 6/06/10 1:15pm

Celine Dion Pregnant With Twins

After six attempts at in-vitro fertilization, Celine Dion has announced that she is pregnant with twins. According to her husband, Rene Angelil, the couple is "ecstatic." Congrats! [People] » 5/30/10 5:00pm 5/30/10 5:00pm

Hospital Beauty: French Manicures Given On Top Of Preemie Ventilator

Reports the Los Angeles Times, "officials have placed two Olive-View-UCLA Medical Center staffers on paid leave after "allegations that they had participated in a makeshift beauty salon atop medical equipment in the ward for high-risk newborns." And it gets weirder: » 5/06/10 4:40pm 5/06/10 4:40pm

Babies Are Natural-Born Vigilantes, Possibly Bigots

There seemed to be nugget of truth in the Onion headline, "New Study Reveals Most Children Unrepentant Sociopaths." But some scientists studying "the morality of babies" (bands looking for debut album titles, take note) are saying the exact opposite. » 5/05/10 4:20pm 5/05/10 4:20pm