Let's Ponder the Ethics Of Posting Your Baby's Pictures Online

As a feminist, I'm occasionally accused of both witchcraft and hating children, which isn't fair. I don't hate children; I love them. I only have two problems with children: first, that people keep having them and then acting like the first person in human history to ever have a baby, and second, that people keep… » 8/02/13 4:00pm 8/02/13 4:00pm

Guess What? I Hate Your Sushi Pics Almost As Much As You Hate My Baby…

I can't decide what I love the most about the Unbaby Me app for Facebook that cock-blocks baby photos for the baby-averse among us: That someone out there actually thinks there are fine-haired distinctions to be made about the pap everybody posts on Facebook, or that the inventors of the app — Millennials, no less —… » 8/13/12 5:45pm 8/13/12 5:45pm

Rachel Zoe's Son Makes His Twitter Debut

This afternoon Rachel Zoe posted a photo of her baby Skyler Morrison Berman on Twitter along with the message, "The 2 loves of my life...@rbermanus and Skyler Morrison. My life is complete. xoRZ" Twitter! For free! We are LITERALLY impressed that Zoe didn't sell the first baby pics to the highest bidder. [Via N.Y. Mag] » 3/30/11 8:25pm 3/30/11 8:25pm

Private Celebrity Photo Face-Off: Baby Megan Fox Vs. Elementary School…

Megan Fox uploaded two baby pictures on Facebook in an album titled "I look like Steve Buscemi." As for Kanye, he looks pretty much like who he is today — a man with excellent fashion sense. » 2/02/11 7:05pm 2/02/11 7:05pm