Let's Ponder the Ethics Of Posting Your Baby's Pictures Online

As a feminist, I'm occasionally accused of both witchcraft and hating children, which isn't fair. I don't hate children; I love them. I only have two problems with children: first, that people keep having them and then acting like the first person in human history to ever have a baby, and second, that people keep… »8/02/13 4:00pm8/02/13 4:00pm


Guess What? I Hate Your Sushi Pics Almost As Much As You Hate My Baby Photos

I can't decide what I love the most about the Unbaby Me app for Facebook that cock-blocks baby photos for the baby-averse among us: That someone out there actually thinks there are fine-haired distinctions to be made about the pap everybody posts on Facebook, or that the inventors of the app — Millennials, no less —… »8/13/12 5:45pm8/13/12 5:45pm