The Smithsonian Zoo's New Baby Panda...Is a Girl!!!

Break out the pink cigars (NOT A EUPHEMISM, KEVIN) and the unattainable beauty standards—the Smithsonian Zoo just announced that their newborn baby panda is a girl! Born August 23, the cub is reportedly squeaky and healthy, and paternity tests determined that her father is the Smithsonian's own Tian Tian. (Her… » 9/05/13 6:45pm 9/05/13 6:45pm

Baby Panda Cries at a Sound Frequency That Will Melt Your Heart

Yuan Zai, the Tai Pei zoo’s newest giant baby cub, has been alive for just one month, but he has already turned into quite possibly the world’s most emotionally manipulative creature. Watch out for this one — one day, if we’re not careful, he’ll become president of the world thanks to a remarkably persuasive speech… » 8/15/13 11:15pm 8/15/13 11:15pm

Baby Panda Teaches an Important Lesson in Persistence (And Adorableness)

This little panda's inability to climb a ladder might be less adorable if he lived in the wild and were being menaced by a hungry tiger. Thankfully, pandas are so lazy that they absolutely refuse to exist in the wild, which is either evidence that they're an evolutionarily obsolete species or an evolutionarily… » 4/08/12 5:35pm 4/08/12 5:35pm