Parents Now Naming Their Babies Based on What Domains Are Available

It's the oldest parenting advice in the book! Right there on page one of What to Expect When You're Expecting: It is never too early to start building your fetus's personal brand. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett—America's most successful luminaries all have one thing in common: Their parents… » 8/07/14 11:00am 8/07/14 11:00am

Parents Let Redditors Choose Baby's Name, and It's Actually Not Bad

Naming a baby is a crazy amount of pressure. A name is never just a name—it has to be beautiful and strong and fitting. And you have one chance to get it right—well without having to do more legal paperwork. So it's almost understandable that one couple decided to take some of the pressure off and crowdsource a name… » 4/21/14 2:30pm 4/21/14 2:30pm

'Panties' And 'Facebook' Make List Of Banned Baby Names

Not every parent is successful in giving their child a name that is both unique and also appropriate to say in polite company. For parents in Sonora, Mexico the process of naming their child is about to get more/less stressful (depending on perspective) now that the state has banned at least 59 one-of-a-kind names… » 2/15/14 5:17pm 2/15/14 5:17pm

Map: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Boys, State-by-State

As a companion to "Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls," the map above shows the most popular names for boys, by state, from 1960 to 2012. Once again, names that are the most popular nationwide for that year are colored, and all data come from the Social Security Administration. One note: For space reasons… » 10/24/13 1:50pm 10/24/13 1:50pm

Map: Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls, State-by-State

There will always be people out there picking weird names for their kids, but when you look at the choices that make their way to the top you'll see that Americans tend to play it safe. The maps above, based on data from the Social Security Administration, show the most popular baby names for girls by state, for… » 10/18/13 8:30am 10/18/13 8:30am

The Least Likely Royal Baby Names

There's been a lot of unnecessary chatter about the name of the Royal Baby — so much chatter, in fact, that the media has devoted countless segments to it and bookies across the UK are taking bets on what name the royals could possibly choose. Put your money on the right name and it could mean winning mad money or —… » 7/18/13 5:00pm 7/18/13 5:00pm

The Predicted Royal Baby Names, and the Many Ways They Will Be Mocked

As the Royal Kersploosh draws ever nearer, womb-watchers are beginning to wager on what Kate and Willz will name the new little thingy. Will it be something traditional? Avant-garde? A family name? An unpronounceable string of Zapf Dingbats? Will they just let a corgi walk on the keyboard and go with that?… » 7/11/13 12:30pm 7/11/13 12:30pm

Goodbye Tiffany, Hello Arya: Strong Girl Names Are Taking Over

The Social Security Administration has released its annual list of the most popular names, and the number ones — Jacob and Sophia — are the same as last year. But beyond the top ten, many of the names for girls growing in popularity invoke strength and courage instead of delicacy. Case in point: Arya — as in the… » 5/10/13 12:50pm 5/10/13 12:50pm