Obsessing Over Celebrity Baby Bumps May Affect Prenatal Attachment

One of the biggest aspects of celebrity gossip culture is the Celebrity Baby Bump. We love to talk about it (even when it's nonexistent). We love to look at it. We love to analyze about how mothers dress themselves when they have one and how they "recover" when they don't anymore. But for pregnant women, things… » 8/16/14 1:05pm 8/16/14 1:05pm

Beyoncé's Pregnant: The Five Things You'll Hear for the Next 9 Months

The British have Kate Middleton, but across the pond, we've got Beyoncé. The Queen of America is with child, and it is time to succumb to the wildest rumors that will undoubtedly consume our thoughts until Bey's second baby is birthed. Did Beyoncé go to Cuba to become impregnated with Fidel Castro's child? Is this… » 5/17/13 7:00pm 5/17/13 7:00pm

Former Us Weekly Editor Has No Right to Be Pissed About the Post-Baby Body Obsession

Janice Min was recently humiliated when—at four months postpartum—her manicurist thought she was still pregnant. Min was so riled up that she penned a piece for the New York Times about how unrealistic, unfair, and unkind our attitudes about new mothers have become, expecting women to get back to their pre-baby bodies… » 8/20/12 3:30pm 8/20/12 3:30pm

Ashlee Simpson Tries To Hide Baby Bump On Today

This morning Ashlee Simpson appeared on Today to perform a song from her new album Bittersweet World. Matt Lauer discussed her engagement to Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and asked her about all those pregnancy rumors that Pete has been publicly denying, but that the celeb weeklies insist are true. Ashlee tried to play it… » 4/18/08 11:00am 4/18/08 11:00am